Charlie Ewing - Singer / Songwriter. New CD / DVD - Buffalo Horses


1. BUFFALO HORSES (Charlie Ewing, Mama Cow Music SOCAN)   The introduction of horses to the lives and culture of the Plains Indian tribes starting after the Spanish colonization of Mexico resulted in unimaginable wealth and power to a Stone Age people which lasted until the disappearance of the buffalo. Maybe the horses will come again.

2. SONG FOR THE WILD (Charlie Ewing, Mama Cow Music SOCAN) Written for a concert I played for the Alberta Wilderness Association a few years ago.

3. PANHANDLE RAG (Leon McAuliffe, Peer International Corp)   Written by Leon McCauliff of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, this is one of the favorite tunes of this edition of my old band, The Dirty Hat Band circa 1996.

4. WHOOP UP TRAIL (1875)(Charlie Ewing, Mama Cow Music SOCAN)   The Whoop Up Trail was the main supply route from the navigable headwaters of the Missouri River at Fort Benton Montana to the Northwest Mounted Police posts and other settlements of southern Alberta before the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1885. Freight was hauled in caravans of wagons (bull trains) drawn by teams of oxen or by more expensive but faster mule teams.

5. COWBOYS NEED CATTLE (Charlie Ewing, Mama Cow Music SOCAN)  There would be no cowboys if there were no cattle to tend. This song is for those who spend their lives in this noble occupation.

6. ORLA’S REEL (Charlie Ewing, Mama Cow Music SOCAN)   A tune that jumped out of my Orla Nielsen mandolin one day, Thanks Orla for the fine mandolin and the tune!

7. BESSIE’S BLUES (Charlie Ewing, Mama Cow Music SOCAN)   Blaming cattle for global warming is like blaming fish for water pollution!
8. FREIGHT TRAIN TAKE ME(Charlie Ewing, Mama Cow Music SOCAN)   The first song I ever wrote, comes from my love of watching freight trains and from listening to the “rambling songs” of Jimmy Rogers, Woody Guthrie, Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash and other folk singers. The Flat Top Flyers is the string band that I am currently a member of.

9. DEADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA (Eric Taylor, Blue Ruby Music BMI)   A great historical song written by Eric Taylor. When you read the history of the conflicts between the North American Native people and the European invaders and in particular the relationship between the Sioux and the US government the irony in this song hits hard. Crazy Horse was murdered after he surrendered his Ogalala band to the Indian Agency at Fort Robinson Nebraska in September 1877 after being promised food, shelter, and a peaceful life for his war torn people.

10. ‘LECTRONIC COWBOY BLUES (Charlie Ewing, Mama Cow Music SOCAN) Real working cowboys embrace the golden era of the mid to late 19th century. Modern conveniences get in the way of that.

11. TO THESE HILLS (ERIN’S SONG) (Charlie Ewing, Mama Cow Music SOCAN)   I wrote this song as an ode to the Porcupine Hills of south western Alberta where I have lived most of my life. I dedicate it to all those who live or have lived there under the spell of the hills.

12. SUNRISE (Charlie Ewing, Mama Cow Music SOCAN)   Celebrating a new day and a new beginning whatever that may be.


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