Charlie Ewing - Singer / Songwriter. New CD / DVD - Buffalo Horses

  CHARLIE EWING - Singer / Songwriter

Charlie Ewing is a singer / songwriter and cattle rancher in southern Alberta Canada whose hobby is playing music and writing songs.

Buffalo Horses - which debuted in the fall of 2012 - is Charlie's second album. His first album was Cowboy Ways.

The songs that present themselves on this new endeavor, Buffalo Horses, are the result of Charlie's personal history. Included are songs about cowboys, Indians and wide open spaces… the freedom of the open road and the desire to stay rooted… longing for the past and the hope of tomorrow.

Charlie recorded his first album, Cowboy Ways in 2005 and it took seven years to write nine of the ten new songs that appear on Buffalo Horses. Charlie's passion for music and his love for the rural lifestyle will always combine into some sort of creative collaboration but always on its own time when the muse presents its self.

* 2013 Performance Dates:
* Concert at the Acme, AB Legion on January 19, 2013


Charlie Ewing, Singer / Song Writer
Claresholm, Alberta Canada
403 625-2157

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